Fused & Infused Oils

A fused olive oil is created by crushing the olive (a fruit) with another fruit and the two juices fuse together.  Blood Orange, Eureka Green Lemon, Rosemary, Fennel, Thyme, Cayenne and Baklouti Green Chili are examples of Fused Olive Oils that will add unique zest to any dish, dawn to dusk, garden to grill, marinade to finishing touch.

 Familiar flavors of spices and herbs are characteristic of our Infused Olive Oils. These oils are created by immersing whole ingredients or essential oils of an herb or a spice in an extra virgin olive oil. Over time, the essence is infused into the oil.  Use our Infused Oils wherever you would use the original herb or spice.

 The mingling of multiple herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables in our Infused Blends creates the many layers of flavors in a single oil.  Literally … the recipe’s in the bottle!!