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Robust Intensity

This antioxidant powerhouse is loaded with a whopping 189 ppm of healthful Oleocanthal which lends this oil its powerful pepperiness. It is unique and complex with tropical fruit characteristics, a sweet berry and cream center and fiery Szechuan peppercorn finish/lingering spicy mouth feel. 

(Our partner (SAOV) in Portugal is using a high vacuum during malaxation to remove all the oxygen in this processing stage where the oil spends the most time and is most prone to oxidation. This cutting edge and very technical method preserves the phenolic content, the overall chemistry plus the flavor characteristics while reducing other oxidation markers.)


*Polyphenols: 709.2    *FFA: 0.29

*Oleic Acid: 75.86   *Peroxide: 4.16

*As measured at the time of crush.


Country of origin: Portugal

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